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3rd PEOPLE Study Visit News > 3rd PEOPLE Study Visit
The Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare of the Regional Government of Andalusia is delighted to announce the 3rd PEOPLE Study Visit in Andalusia the 13th of October 2010.

Together with the International Conference on "Work It Out, Home It In …por una conciliación compartida”, the PEOPLE Study visit aims at exploring some of PEOPLE´s Best Practices in Andalusia, selected in the last technical Meeting held in Krakow in the month of june.

About 40 regional experts from the 7 PEOPLE regions will learn more on the Andalusian telecare system, on 2 concrete field applications, the Maracena municipality and the catering college in Cordoba, based on regional programs focusing on reconciliation of work and private life and finally, on the coordination centre for digital volunteering in Andalusia.
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