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Disseminating PEOPLE during the 4th EU Interregional Cooperation Forum in Budapest Events > Disseminating PEOPLE during the 4th EU Interregional Cooperation Forum in Budapest
On February 3rd and 4th, the Lead Partner attended the 4th EU Interregional Cooperation Forum in Budapest. In general, this event offered participants an opportunity to get all the information about the last open call for projects, to attend workshops addressing specific issues that projects can face – and overcome, to network and search for partners interested in the same issues and to discover the advances made by INTERREG IVC projects in the fields of Innovation and Environment.

The forum, organised by the INTERREG IVC programme and the Hungarian Presidency of the EU, was aimed at informing the participants on the latest developments in the programme, in particular on the fourth call for proposals, and providing opportunities for networking and partner search for those developing cooperation projects.


Aneta Widak from the Marshal Office of Malopolska Region (PL) reported on a regional policy which was improved thanks to their exchange of experience in the framework of the mini-programme PEOPLE – Innovation for Societal Change. In 2010, the Board of the Malopolska Region updated their Malopolska 2020 strategy in the context of demographic change. Specific recommendations and experiences of the PEOPLE partners peer review were integrated in this process, especially in the context of ‘dynamic ageing’. Increased awareness of social problems and demographic changes led Malopolska region to look for new and innovative alternatives to face demographic change challenges

As host of the 4th EU Interregional Cooperation Forum, Dr György Nyikos, Deputy State Secretary for Development Affairs in Hungary welcomed Commissioner Hahn, the president of the Committee of the Regions, Mrs Mercedes Bresso, and the participants to the event.


President of the Committee of the Regions, Mercedes Bresso, remarked that the future of the interregional cooperation programme, “one of the most talented members of this large Territorial cooperation family”, could focus on two main points: policy and governance innovation, and partnerships.


Michel Lamblin, Programme Director of INTERREG IVC, took to the floor after the break to give participants an update on where the programme is at the moment, considering the challenging context in place since the start of the period. An unexpectedly high demand for the programme funds, a financial crisis, and a more confirmed need for innovation and climate change policies were the three areas identified by Mr Lamblin as having an impact on the programme’s implementation.
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