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Newsletters > December 2011 > Dissemination in Andalusia
Lead partner organizes a regional dissemination event to present the conclusions of the PEOPLE project in Andalusia.

The Junta de Andalucía carried out its dissemination event on 23 November 2011. Although partial outcomes were already shared in multiple occasions throughout the project, this conference meant a review of the whole execution and aimed at presenting the final conclusions to the Andalusian public.

Celebrated in the assembly hall of the Fundación ONCE, one of the pavilions of the 1992 Universal Exhibition, it gathered political authorities as well as representatives of the third sector and professionals having contributed to PEOPLE at any stage of the project.

The institutional opening corresponded to Micaela Navarro Garzón, Regional Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare, followed by Ana Gómez, Director-General of Social Inclusion and Attention to Drug-Addictions, who presented the context of the conference as the topmost point of the project in Andalusia.

The content and results of the project were presented in four round tables which took into account all six Sub-objectives and privileged Sub-projects and Good practices as a concrete way of implementing innovative ideas on the following fields: Reconciliation of working and private life, social inclusion, health and (in)dependence; and social participation.

In the exhibition area, standing banners provided with relevant information of all sub-projects, while a screen showed pictures taken during the project and a variety of visual products elaborated from the beginning of the project. This was also a networking opportunity for new contacts beyond PEOPLE.

During her closing speech, Ana Gómez highlighted the good performance of all partners despite of the different starting points and political visions of partners with regards to the topics managed in the project. She congratulated Mercedes García Sáez as the Lead Partner Project Manager and all the Lead partner staff for their effort and encouraged the audience to keep fighting for a more social Europe, as initiated by PEOPLE.