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Funding opportunities under PEOPLE
PEOPLE project will co-fund eligible expenditures through the ERDF at either 75% or 85% depending on the region in which the partner is physically located. The other 25% or 15% has to be provided by the partners themselves.


Funding Rate       

Andalusia,South East England, Stockholm, Noord-Brabant, Venice,

75% ERDF

Malopolska, Timis

85% ERDF

The source of the partners’ own co-financing amount can be manifold. It can come from the partners’ own budget, or from other public sources at central, regional or local levels.

It is not possible to receive an advance payment from the ERDF. This means that each project has to be able to pre-finance its activities and allow for this in their cash flow. Therefore the partners need to set aside sufficient liquidity if they are to become involved in the PEOPLE Project sub-projects.

At the application stage, the PEOPLE project requires proof that the Lead Partner applicant and the partners’ own co-financing amount has been secured and will be available for the sub-project’s implementation as laid out in the application form.

Partner’s legal status:

In order to be eligible for ERDF, beneficiaries have to be public authorities and bodies whose expenditure is considered as public expenditure in accordance with Article 2 (5) of Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006. This applies especially to bodies acting in accordance with Directive 2004/18/EC. The relevant section reads as follows.

Definition of body governed by public law

Body governed by public law according to Directive 2004/18/EC, Art. 1 means any body:
(a) established for the specific purpose of meeting needs in the general interest, not having an industrial or commercial character;
(b) having legal personality; and
(c) financed, for the most part, by the State, regional or local authorities, or other bodies governed by public law; or subject to management supervision by those bodies; or having an administrative, managerial or supervisory board, more than half of whose members are appointed by the State, regional or local authorities, or by other bodies governed by public law.

Each Member State is responsible for confirming the legal status of partners located on its territory. In the case of doubt about its status, the PEOPLE partner should contact its Member State representative directly. Member State contact details are available on the INTERREG IVC Programme website, (

Private entities and non profit organisations which do not fulfill the above criteria can only be involved as “Supporting organization”. This supposes working at their own costs since a “Supporting organization” will not be eligible for ERDF.  

Eligibility criteria

Proposals will be declared ineligible if they do not respect one of the following criteria.

  • If a grant application is declared ineligible, it will not be considered for evaluation.
  • Applicants must respect the deadline set for the submission of the applications. The close of the call and deadline for the submission of bids by postal mail is 15 September 2009. For courier mail, the registration desk at Junta de Andalucíaclose at 20h00, Spanish hour.
  • The Applicant entity and the partners must each be eligible to participate in the PEOPLE project (legal status and be based within the eligible geographic region);
  • Sub-projects must involve at least three different PEOPLE regions;
  • Projects must contribute to the achievement of objectives defined by the PEOPLE Technical specifications as referred in the PEOPLE handbook;
  • The ERDF grant applied for must be equal to 75% in Andalusia, South East England, Stockholm Region,Noord Brabant and Venice and 85% in the case of Malopolska and Timis of the total eligible budget. The recommended Sub-project size is between € 40.000 and € 300.000 for a maximum 18-month period.
  • The applicant must have provided written proof, through the budget form and Co-financing statement, that it has secured the necessary co-financing.
  • Only proposals submitted on the standard forms accompanied by the official documents required in this call for proposals will be taken into account.
  • Any applicant must not have a budget rate higher than 45 % of the global budget of the project.
  • The proposal must include a minimum of 3 Sub-project Steering Committee meetings scheduled at the start, mid-term and end of the project life.
  • Applications submitted in another language will be deemed ineligible.
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