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Final PEOPLE Conference in Brussels News > Final PEOPLE Conference in Brussels
PEOPLE – Innovation for Societal Change will end by December 2011. A Final Conference called PEOPLE Talks will take place in Brussels the 10th of November to disseminate the main outcomes gained over the past 3 years.

7 European regions & provinces (Andalusia, South-East England, Stockholm, Noord-Brabant, Malopolska, Venice, and Timis) have been exchanging practices and experienced innovative approaches to face one of the main challenges for our societies, the demographic changes now affecting Europe. This knowledge should be certainly transferred to the policy agenda,  both  at European and regional levels so the ‘PEOPLE Talks’ Conference is first targeting all relevant networks operating in Brussels and working on the evidences and consequences of the demographic changes in Europe.
PEOPLE Partners have been processing several policy recommendations resulting from the activities conducted under 6 objectives (Reconciliation of work and private life, E-health and independence, Silver economy, Social and e-inclusion, Social entrepreneurship & Civil society empowerment). Together with that rich exchange of experiences  within the partnership, PEOPLE has co-financed 7 Sub-projects on an interregional cooperation basis which have been enlarging and enriching the production of analysis & investigation, pilots & training and other guidelines.
The conference programme is now available and the event can be watched by videostreaming
PEOPLE Sub-projects
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