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PEOPLE Subproject Info: HOME04


Project aims

The project aims are to improve assistance to homeless people through the enhancement of the use of ICT tools; through collaboration and network establishment at local level, and through the exchange of experiences, knowledge and know-how.


Building an online monitoring tool to improve care and support for the homeless and disseminating data through the internet;

Implementing services provision in an integral way through organisation and development of integrated, organised paths for the homeless at local level;

Developing policies through increasing the abilities of local public authorities in care and prevention of homelessness through transfer of good practices;

Offering public bodies and entities and their professionals, technical and network support for their work of caring for, preventing and rehabilitating the homeless;

Systematise statistics about homeless in the EU and make these available for public administrators and related entities.

News section

The HOME04 sub-project held its Kick-off Meeting on the 24th of February in Seville. The Andalusia Foundation for Social Integration and Assistance welcomed project partners the City of Seville, the Andalusia Health Services, the City of Granada, the City of Venice from the Veneto region and the Employment Agency Södermaln of the Stockholm region to the first partnership meeting for the project.

The project, whose full title is Networking for Integrated Care Homeless, has been approved for funding under the Social and e-inclusion theme of the PEOPLE Programme and will analyse and plan attention on homeless people through integrated development policies with a local focus, promoting the participation of homeless people developing and using ICT solutions to improve care and to promote inclusion.


21st May 2010: HOME04 launches Web Info Point at press conference in Venice

The press conference introduced the main activities of HOME04 sub-project and in particular the Web Info Point that was launched during the press conference. The Info Point is located inside the Daily Centre for the Homeless in Mestre-Venezia and is designed to enhance autonomy and the social and labour integration of clients. Introductory courses on ICT will be organized, as the next step of project implementation.

Local trends show the number of homeless, as monitored by the City of Venice Social Services, increased twenty percent last year. Fifty per cent of homeless in the area are 35-49 years old; thirty per cent are 25-34 years old.

The HOME04 subproject gives the opportunity to improve local Social Services aimed at the homeless. Homelessness is a transient state, and homeless needs are changeable, therefore all measures aimed at helping this sector of population must bear this in mind.
HOME 04 project organised the 1st Study Visit in Granada last June 2010.
The objective of this Visit was to analyse and know existing resources dedicated to homeless care in Granada city Council.
HOME 04 project held its 2nd Study Visit and Steering Committee Meeting in Venice last 20-21 October 2010.
The aim of this transnational meeting was to review the results, outputs and good practices that are being developed by partners. At the same time, participants had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and analyse the experiences in Venice regarding homeless policies and resources.