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The technical specifications cover all the fields of innovation under the PEOPLE project. All the proposals should strictly refer to the PEOPLE technical specifications as it is an awarding criterion.

Please find below a summary of the main information for the Sub-objectives’ aims, priorities and outputs and a more extended description.
The PEOPLE regions agreed on having the possibility to concentrate their efforts on specific Sub-objectives. This has to be taken in consideration before initiating the search for regional partners.
  • The province of Noord-Brabant will concentrate on Sub-objective nş 2 (E-health & Independence) and Sub-objective nş 4 (Social and e-inclusion).
  • The South East England will focus on all Sub-objectives except nş1, (Reconciliation of work and private life).

Sub-objective nş 1: Reconciliation of work and private life
To produce and implement measures in the field of reconciliation of work and private life between women an men adapted to the social and demographic changes challenged by Europe
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Sub-objective nş 2: E-Health and Independence
Telecare, telehealth and assisted living technologies and services need to be developed in order to provide technologically-supported, sustainable health and social care in the future. Four main thematic areas of need in the development of these technologies and services have been identified (see below). Project proposals may be developed in the identified themes. Projects proposals are not limited to one theme, but may cross over two or more themes. Other sub-objectives are also strongly linked with the use of ICT for health and independence, such as 'Social and e-inclusion' and 'Silver economy', and project proposals which integrate one or more of these sub-objectives would be welcome.
Sub-objective nş 3: Silver Economy
To identify, analyse and disseminate good practices, including the development of new approaches, in relation to the Silver Economy to inform regional solutions to the consequences of demographic change.
Sub-objective nş 4: Social and E-inclusion
To look for good practices and innovative solutions to promote the social participation of vulnerable groups using ICT in particular and we aim to learn from these. We are aiming at three social themes for improving:
1. the accessibility, availability and quality of services,
2. the labour market accessibility and better equip vulnerable groups for the labour market,
3. local participation at an area and neighbourhood level.
This solution focussed objective is therefore to increase ICT related opportunities and to decrease the ICT related threats to social participation and fully-fledged citizenship for everyone, in order to improve the quality of life.
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Sub-objective nş 5: Social Entrepreneurship
  • increase of social cohesion;
  • increase of social awareness and sensibility for social exclusion problem;
  • increase of local and regional authorities capability in efficient support of social entrepreneurship in local development, including work to prevent an increase in social exclusion;
  • increase of knowledge and practical skills of social and economical personnel working for social entrepreneurship;
  • increase in social enterprises’ ability contribute to cooperation for local and regional development.
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Sub-objective nş 6: Civil Society Empowerment
Involve and empower the Civil Society organisations (CSOs) building up public mechanisms to facilitate and improve the participation and the missions of CSOs.
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