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Newsletters > March 2011 > Krakow Study Visit and Exchange of Experience
On the 8th and 9th November 2010, the Regional Minister for Equality and Social Welfare, Mrs. Micaela Navarro, the most senior officer for the European project PEOPLE - Innovation for a Societal Change - (INTERREG IVC Programme), held several meetings with Malopolska policy makers in Poland.

Specifically, on November the 8th, at the regional government seat, the Regional Minister met Mr. Roman Ciepela, vice-Marshall of Malopolska Voivodship and regional responsible for PEOPLE project, as well as other representatives of the International Cooperation Office and the Regional Development Department of Presidency.  The main issues discussed were about the importance of social economy as a fundamental key of social services, the importance of interregional cooperation in the field of reconciliation and equal opportunities between women and men, the incorporation of ethnic minorities and the implementation of measures for combating gender violence. 


Afterwards, additional meetings were also held at the Association of Cities and Counties of the Malopolska region, an entity that comprises more than 120 communes of Malopolska including the partner of the DIVERSIA subproject, which is also promoted by the Regional Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare.


Following this, a study visit to the local government of Lanckorona, near Krakow, took place, where projects and strategic plans to encourage women participation and reinforce their role in the local development were presented. The Council of Lanckorona is mostly composed by women (sixteen women and two men). In the meeting, representatives of the ecological and cultural Association, called Amber Route, explained to Mrs. Micaela Navarro, their social inclusion, vocational training and self-employment programmes, whose beneficiaries are up to 70% women.


Furthermore, on the 9th of November, the Regional Minister for Equality and Social Welfare met representatives for the Health and Social Policy of the Malopolska Voivodship. During the meeting, the Malopolska government representatives showed their interests in the Andalusia social services model and the social recognition of the staff involved. During the meeting, the Regional Minister explained also to the Polish representatives the implementation of the Law for Dependence in Andalusia, the care programmes for handicapped people, the equal opportunities between women and men programmes or the Andalusia government interventions aimed at promoting active ageing and guaranteeing elderly protection, as it is asked in the Active Ageing White Book of Andalusia, the first one on this issue elaborated by the Governing Board of Junta de Andalusia.


Simultaneously, on the same date, the partners of DIVERSIA subproject met also in Poland, on the occasion of their second Steering Committee.