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After the interregional final event in Brussels, it is time for Malopolska to sum up the PEOPLE project, winding up on December 31, on the regional level. The Malopolska final conference, aimed at summing up the project’s activity and disseminating its results, will be held on 16 December 2011 in Cracow.

The conference will provide occasion for presenting the regional sub-projects, discussing the results, and debating on the possible outcomes and legacy. In the debate, the project's sub-objectives will be discussed by a panel of experts representing academic background, third sector, as well as regional institutions. Among the prominent speakers will be Stanisława Golinowska of the Jagiellonian University, Lidia Jedlinska of the Regional Public Library, and Jacek Kwiatkowski of the the Malopolska Institute of Local Government and Administration (MISTiA) in Cracow.

The practical side of the PEOPLE Project is reflected by the activity of the sub-projects out of which four were implemented by Malopolska beneficiaries: Association of Cities and Counties (DIVERSIA), John Paul II Hospital (TCares), Siemacha Association (ShareIT), and Cracow University of Economics (Silver Academy). Thanks to dedicated efforts of these organizations, valuable pilot research was conducted and a number of socially beneficial activities were carried out. The outcomes of these activities and research will be presented during the conference.

One of the event's primary goals is to present the conclusions and recommendations drafted jointly by the international partners as a result of the three-year work within the project. These European recommendations will be discussed against the regional context along with Malopolska's regional recommendations following from the sub-projects' activity, regional good practices, activities within the project, and experts' contribution.

It is to be hoped that the conference will provide inspiration for further debate on the future of Malopolska in the light of demographic and social challenges.

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