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Newsletters > November 2011 > Malopolska White Paper on the Silver Economy
The Malopolska regional partners of the PEOPLE project are pleased to announce that the Malopolska white paper on silver economy, prepared under the PEOPLE project, has been translated into English.

The paper, entitled “Challenges of Malopolska in the Context of an Ageing Population”, provides a strategic approach to the issue of demographic changes and ageing society.

The underlying idea of the paper is that of the significance and potential of silver economy, which can and should be used. Hence, ageing may be seen as an opportunity rather than threat. Nonetheless, it poses a challenge that cannot be underestimated by public authorities. Therefore, modern policy-making must take a broader view, incorporating social and demographic issues. Such a comprehensive perspective is offered by the PEOPLE project, which deals with these complex issues in a broad, interregional context.

Malopolska is the first Polish region to have developed a strategic document embracing an innovative approach to the problem of the ageing population. “Challenges of Malopolska in the Context of an Ageing Population” is an input to the international debate on this highly topical matter. It may be seen as a source of inspiration and possible solutions to be tailored to the needs of particular European regions. We hope the paper contributes to the exchange of ideas and experiences among the PEOPLE partners.

The paper can be viewed at: