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PEOPLE conference Social & e-inclusion - 10/11 March 2010, Noord-Brabant, NL Events > PEOPLE conference Social & e-inclusion - 10/11 March 2010, Noord-Brabant, NL
Bits, bytes, the community & quality of life!

On 10 and 11 March 2010, the Province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands will host the two-day International workconference & study visit on the theme of Social & e-inclusion as part of the PEOPLE project. During this three-year European project, seven European regions cooperate in exchanging knowledge on regional solutions to demographic change.

The Province of Noord-Brabant is drawer of the subtheme Social & e-inclusion. Central to this theme is the use of ICT to develop innovative solutions and practices aimed at realising social objectives. ICT as an opportunity and tool to promote the participation of vulnerable groups, social cohesion and liveable communities.

Personal invitation

We take great pleasure in inviting you to attend this workconference 2.0. This invitation is personal, however, and therefore non-transferrable. You will receive the invitation through your regional coordinator for either the PEOPLE project or the SHARE IT and HOME04 subprojects.

We kindly request that you register for the workconference using the link below, by 8 March at the very latest. If you register as a European partner, then hotel reservation and flight information fields will appear. Participants in the Netherlands should choose the shorter option. You will receive formal confirmation when your registration is finalised.

Wednesday 10 March PEOPLE Workconference

Thursday 11 March PEOPLE Study Visit for international guests

House of the Province


the Netherlands

To view the full agenda click here

For those of you who are not able to attend in person there is the opportunity to participate virtually - click here for videolink details

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