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PEOPLE E-Health International Conference - 7th September 2009 Events > PEOPLE E-Health International Conference - 7th September 2009
The South East of England region is pleased to present E-Health in an International Context as part of an extensive series of events for its International Conference in Guildford.

E-Health International Conference

Would you like to find out about alternatives to costly nursing home care? Do you want to stay independent and carry on living in your own home as you get older?

In Europe, the proportion of elderly people is likely to double from 10% to 20% over the next 50 years. Many will be battling chronic diseases including heart disease, dementia and diabetes. Fortunately, help is at hand. Using technology to monitor people with such diseases makes them feel safer and more in control of their health, and keeps them out of hospital.

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- The presentation of the PEOPLE programme and regions’ specificities and opportunities by the PEOPLE participating regions, E-Health in an International context

- State-of-the-art technologies that support independent living, care and health at the showcase exhibition ‘Technology Cares’.

- A PEOPLE surgery for potential project applicants – providing practical advice on the application process for bidding for ERDF grants under the PEOPLE programme closing on 15th September 09.

- ‘Looking after Granny in the 21st Century’ - a public discussion as part of British Science Festival Week led by a panel of experts exploring public needs and expectations of technology in support of care, health and independence. Join a panel of experts for an open discussion exploring how technology can help you manage your health and choose your own lifestyle as you get older.


To register for the PEOPLE presentation: E-Health in an International context, please complete the form below.

To register for the PEOPLE surgery, please contact .

To register for the ‘Looking after Granny in the 21st Century’ discussion please note that numbers are limited so places must be booked in advance at

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