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On November 10th the Final Conference of PEOPLE Project was held at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, gathering experts, stakeholders, policy-makers and lobbyist from both regional governments as well as the European institutions.

The conference was a great opportunity to share the impact of the project on the policies to be implemented in the EU during the following years. Delegates from Andalusia (Spain), South-East England (the UK), Stockholm (Sweden), Noord-Brabant (the Netherlands), Malopolska (Poland), Venice (Italy), and Timis (Romania) shared insight in the way they implemented the project during the last 3 years in their region, its main outcomes and most importantly, the drafted Policy Recommendations as a legacy of the project.
The suitable title ¨People talks¨ reflected the structure of the conference itself, during which different panels alternated one another: from an institutional panel reflecting on 3 years of PEOPLE Project and its achievements to an academic panel on innovation for societal change and from a PEOPLE experts´ panel presenting the policy recommendations to a stakeholders and policymakers´ discussion panel providing feedback on these policy recommendations, which of course were the main item on the agenda.
During the coffee break and the concluding lunch, the 7 sub-projects of the PEOPLE project were represented in the exhibition area. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to establish new connections, to nurture existing contacts and to explore possibilities for future cooperation with peers across Europe in a networking session.

Given the growing importance regions will have in the EU in the upcoming years and taking into account the demographic and economic challenges faced by Europe, PEOPLE Final Conference was a very interesting exchange of ideas and information, a great opportunity to impact European policy and to top it all, a perfect finishing touch to the 3-year collaboration of the partnership.

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