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Twenty Good Practices across the seven regions of the PEOPLE Partnership have been selected by the Partnership. These practices have been put forward as prime examples of innovative experiences that are in place in the face of some of the consequences of the demographic changes in Europe.

Some eighty nominations were put forward by the regions participating in PEOPLE, and following a rigourous assessment process, including presentation by each of the regions at the recent partnership meeting in Krakow, twenty of these Good Practices were selected.
Amongst those chosen were the ICMed database from Timis, which enables patients to safeguard their medical records across different countries and different languages.

The Social and E-inclusion theme was well-represented with more than 26 nominations for this theme. The PEOPLE Dutch partner led on this theme, which resulted in four of the practices receiving a score of 10 out of 10. With so little to chose between them, all four of these practices were selected by the partnership to represent the theme.

One of these selected under this theme was the "Neunen Network", which was the host to one of the PEOPLE study visits earlier in the year.
Another familiar Good Practice was the "Long Term Conditions Generator" in Kent, which the Partnership gained a good understanding of during their visit to the "evidence-based" project in September 2009. One assessor described this project as "highly transferable".
The next step, about which the PEOPLE Programme is very enthusiatic, is the promotion of these, and other nominated Good Practices across the partner regions via the PEOPLE policy forum.

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The Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs was selected as one of the PEOPLE Good Practices
The Hampshire School for Social Entrepreneurs was selected as a PEOPLE Good Practice
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