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In the October edition of The Parliament Magazine´s Regional Review (Issue 18), an article on PEOPLE Project was published. An informative dissemination on PEOPLE that reaches members of all EU institutions in Brussels!

The Parliament Magazine is a political magazine, covering news about the European Union. The magazine´s Regional Review provides an examination of the impact of EU investment in the regions and gives EU institutions and decision makers the opportunity to read about best practice and innovation in regional policy. The readership of the magazine involves members of all EU institutions: MEPs, EU Commissioners, Council of Ministers, Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, European Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank.

¨The 7 participating regional public entities from Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Romania are all concerned about the European demographic trends of the recent years. A correct management of this situation may ensure an opportunity to reinforce social cohesion and welfare in Europe. PEOPLE intends to explore these opportunities by the promotion of intergenerational solidarity and demographic renovation through the participation in the labour market of those whose participation is an essential contribution to growth, employment and social cohesion in the EU.

To be able to guarantee the stimulation of economic development in line with the objectives to be adopted by the European Strategy 2010 (to achieve inclusive growth, based on a high level of employment, social and territorial cohesion), PEOPLE intends to identify good practices and experiences in each of its intervention lines: social inclusion, health and dependency, silver economy, participation and civil society empowerment.¨
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