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Newsletters > May 2011 > PEOPLE International Conference and Study Visit in the Province of Venice
Empowering civil society for social innovation

The Province of Venice is the host of 5th PEOPLE International Conference taking place in Venice on 8th June 2011, followed by a study visit on 9th June.

More details are given below.

The events are dedicated to PEOPLE's sub-objective 6 “Civil society empowerment”. The key notes speakers, coming from academic field and local authorities, will intervene on the relation between democracy and participation forms of civil society and they will focus on how the civil society can interact with welfare policies and how new technologies can facilitate the spread of participatory actions. Furthermore the partners of PEPA, the sub-project financed within the SO6 sub-objective, will present the results of their experiences.

The 9th June the partners will also have the opportunity to know the experience of two organisations from the civil society, Fondazione La Casa and Associazione Il Portico through study visits.

You can follow the conference in video streaming on the website

The Conference agenda, Study Visit agenda and a comprehensive dossier can be downloaded from the PEOPLE Website home page or News section under the ‘PEOPLE International Conference and Study Visit in the Province of Venice' article posted on 1st June 2011.