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Newsletters > March 2011 > PEOPLE subproject spotlight: DIVERSIA
The DIVERSIA subproject was selected in the field of sub-objective number 1 of PEOPLE, which deals with issues relating to the reconciliation of work and private life. Out of the project, a cross-European research into balancing private and professional life in the context of family networks has been developed.

The subproject is well underway. At present a questionnaire to be used as a basis for interviews with families is being finalised by the partners involved in the subproject. The subproject also intends to identify good practices in the field of work and private life in Andalusia, Stockholm and Malopolska.

For the collection of good practices, the regional partners produced a template and are now analyzing the best cases with the aim of six good practices being identified by each region.

To date, two DIVERSIA Steering Committees have been held: one in June 2010 in Seville, the other in November 2010 in Krakow. The Woman’s’ Institute of Andalusia, as DIVERSIA Lead Partner, also organized an internal meeting at the International Conference on Reconciliation organized by the Regional Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare.

In addition to these steering committees, two study visits have taken place. The first was held in Seville, in the Documentation Centre called María Zambrano, while the second one was located at the local government of Lanckorona, near Krakow.

European projects aimed at promoting women’s participation and local developments were presented at the Study Visit. At the meeting, representatives of the ecological and cultural association, called Amber Route, explained their social inclusion, vocational training and self-employment programmes, with females being the main beneficiaries (70%) of this.

The DIVERSIA subproject has also produced its own brochure to disseminate the subproject in each region involved. Go to the subproject webpage to download this and read more: