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Newsletters > November 2011 > PEOPLE Top Policy Recommendations
The PEOPLE project has recently set up a new group at the PEOPLE Policy Forum, the Top Policy Recommendations Group.

This new group is related to the PEOPLE & Sub-projects' activities over the last 3 years. It aims to gather regional experts to debate on the policy recommendations applied to the innovation for societal change, linked to 6 Sub-objectives impacting the demographic changes in Europe.

The PEOPLE project has just released their policy recommendations (16) relating to the projects' 6 Sub-objectives. The links direct you to the extended version of the recommendations and I would recommend you read through those documents to have a complete vision of the meanings and expectations.

We are very pleased to be able to open these recommendations up for debate on the PEOPLE Policy Forum and we encourage you to respond with your wise suggestions and free speech.

Please consider the following statements when responding or opening debates:

  • Overcoming the barrier of Sub-objectives is highly desired to get a better panorama of the recommendations. Synergies might emerge andwould be optimised by your suggestions or assessments. It will certainly help us also for the final conference.
  • Conditions for application of those recommendations are true issuesfor the time being. It doesn't mean to mainstream and/or to discard any objectives but to find the best way to get on it. Would you like to share your expertise to progress on the basic conditions for fulfillingthese recommendations?
  • Several recommendations are based on cross-cutting or transversal topics (role of women, role of technology, self-empowerment, etc) and again, it is not straightforward to appreciate the range of their interaction. For instance, Europe 2020 runsthrough flagship initiativesand this approachmight be applied as well for the demographic changes context.
  • Innovation targeting the societal change tends to be justified bythe final benefit for the society and citizens. How could we outline that added valuefor each recommendation and how to "translate" it?
  • Focus on capitalizationmight befurther on (when?) at the political agenda. How could this be achieved and sustained?
  • These recommendations raised several updated political debates and we would expect your advices on this point.
  • Europe 2020 is the new strategy for the EU and we would be pleased to get your comments about how these recommendations fit in the frame.

Recommendations are first addressed to the regional policy makers to be reflected in theirregional agenda. What could be clearly applicable at regional level?

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