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Newsletters > March 2011 > Social entrepreneurship – it pays off! - The PEOPLE International Conference and Study Visit in the Malopolska Region
The Malopolska Region is the host of 4th PEOPLE International Conference taking place in Krakow on the 9th of March 2011, followed by a study visit on the 10th of March. The events are dedicated to PEOPLE sub-objective 5: Social entrepreneurship.

With social entrepreneurship being highly topical in many regions at the moment, the Malopolska Region is looking forward to the participation of many Polish and international experts during the conference. The opening session will present PEOPLE from the international point of view, as well as from the perspective of the Malopolska region. We will also show that social entrepreneurship, PEOPLE’s sub-objective 5, is in fact inherent to all themes of the project.


The second session will focus on legal aspects of social entrepreneurship. Experts from the PEOPLE Partner Regions will present regulations regarding social entrepreneurship in their countries. Anna Sienicka, who participates actively in the process of drafting the act on social entrepreneurship, will acquaint the audience with current and planned regulations in Poland. The session aims at finding out which regulations enhance social entrepreneurship and which pose unnecessary legal barriers.


The potential role of social economy tends to be underestimated in the Malopolska Region. The conference is a great chance to exchange experience and consequentially encourage policy makers to support social entrepreneurship.
Those who cannot participate in person are invited to join us online, by watching the conference live at You are also most welcome to contribute to the conference through Twitter by adding your comments at


During the study visit on the 10th March, international guests will have the opportunity of getting to know practical solutions in the area of social economy in the Malopolska Region. Meeting at the office of the local authority of Wieprz (a small village and local community) will be a chance of discovering the region outside Krakow. In the afternoon the guests will visit two social enterprises: Hotel “Pan Cogito” and “Hamlet” Restaurant, where dinner will be served after a short presentation.