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Social Entrepreneurship Workshops in Andalusia News > Social Entrepreneurship Workshops in Andalusia
During the coming 3 weeks the CIBUS5 partner, Andalucia Emprende, Fundación Pública Andaluza, will develop 8 workshops on Social Entrepreneurship, as a tool that will contribute to the Study of Social entrepreneurship in Andalusia.

The workshops will have a similar structure, methodology and development in the 8 andalusian provinces, with the aim of analysing the features of the social entrepreneur, as well as the barriers and opportunities of social entrepreneurship in Andalusia. They also aim at mapping the resources at regional level and reviewing the situation of Corporate Social Responsability practices. In the same way, the workshops will look into social innovation in the framework of Social entrepreneurship.

During the workshop there will also be a training session on the use of social networks for entrepreneurs.
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