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Newsletters > March 2011 > Study visit on Reconciliation of Work and Private Life
A study visit on the 13th of October was organised to make highlight to the regional partners of PEOPLE successful experiences in Andalusia in the field of reconciliation.

Forty-three regional experts (thirty-one women and twelve men) were in direct contact with the management of these experiences and could further share their expertise and knowledge during the open debate sessions.

Visit 1 – Tour to the Andalusian Telecare System in Seville managed by Andalusian Foundation of Social Services (FASS). The Managing Director of FASS (Mr Rodriguez Delgado) welcomed the participants and presented the main outputs of the Andalusian Telecare System. This was followed by regional experts evaluating the working place facilities and the applied procedure to provide telecare services to the beneficiaries targeted.

Andalusian Telecare System

Visit 2 - Presentation of the Maracena Plan & Concilia Programme in Cordoba: The objective of this plan, implemented by the Maracena City Council is to create a new social system where the balanced participation of men and women in every aspect of life (personal, family and labour) would be possible.


The General Director of the Women Institute of Andalusia together with the Maracena City Council representatives explained the objective of the Concilia Programme as a comprehensive plan for the reconciliation of personal and working life in public administration.



Visit 3 - Good practice of reconciliation Bodegas Campos Catering School in Cordoba: Bodegas Campos manages Cordoba’s Catering School through a Foundation created by Cordoba City Council and funded by the Ministry for Employment of the Regional Government and the European Social Fund.


The human resources manager of Bodegas Campos explained how the Catering school and the enterprise implement the recommendations for reconciliation of labour, family and personal life, not only targeting female employees but also male employees. She also outlined which kind of benefits might be gained from that experience.



Visit 4 – Tour to the Andalusia Digital Engagement in Cordoba: Andalusia Digital Engagement is a volunteer project, promoted by the Ministry for Economy, Innovation and Science of the Regional Government and aiming to reduce the ICT gap in the Andalusian society.


Digital Engagement defines the way that volunteers offer beneficiaries their expertise to bring ICT closer to them. This support, available for those willing to improve their abilities, is offered either in public digital centres or at home, in the case of disabled people. PEOPLE experts could see how the Cordoba centre is running in real conditions.
The PEOPLE Study Visit tour stops at one of the Andalusian Digital Engagement Centres