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Events > Tcares Whitley Village Workshop summary
The TCARES partnership comprising of South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA) in the UK, the John Paul II hospital (Poland), the Fundación Andaluza de Servicios Sociales (Spain), Zorgcentra Pantein (The Netherlands) and Timis County Council (Romania) went to Whiteley Care Village in Surrey, the oldest Care Village in the UK on 16 June to hear about the promising results of the UK Telecare pilot.

The pilot was run for three months at the Village for elderly residents in order to combat social isolation and promote telecare. After reviewing a selection of companies, VisionRadio was  appointed to work with the service users and carers to develop the new product: a new TV-based ‘Companion Channel’ for the elderly residents which provides opportunities to share information, reminders about events and appointments and a facility for friends and relatives to communicate through.  After a tour of the village, the Tcares partnership heard about the encouraging feedback received on this new and innovative technology developed through the TV, rather than using the more traditional routes often found for the delivery of care service through telephone landlines.

Some feedback from the residents: ‘Thank you for the opportunity to be in at the beginning of a great venture but I do understand that this channel is in its embryonic stage however still greatly informative for all that. I am sure this channel is infinite and will grow to accommodate so many wonderful ideas.’


The Tcares partnership took also the opportunity to review, contrast and compare progress in telecare and telehealth among the  five different countries involved in the partnership and came to an agreement to set a number of recommendations and best practices as an attempt to influence regional and national policy around care of the elderly. Some of the animated debates were around the future of Telecare and Telehealth and issues around funding services were discussed. Next generation Telecare and Telehealth was also considered including the role of ‘mobile telecare’


Dr David Parry, UK project leader of TCares said:

‘This project has genuinely offered us opportunities to share best practices in Telecare and Telehealth among partners. Our new understanding will help us all shape our future projects.

Further, the relationships we have developed with our partners will endure far beyond the formal end of the project’.


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