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UK Cabinet Office Publishes 2010 Study of Charities and Social Enterprises News > UK Cabinet Office Publishes 2010 Study of Charities and Social Enterprises
The 2010 National Survey of Charities and Social Enterprises (NSCSE) provides a tool for citizens, communities, the sector and all levels of government to understand current issues affecting the sector since the 2008 publication.
The report collates the responses of over 44,000 sector organisations on a host of issues important to their success and vitality, and aims to provide all audiences with the information needed to support the sector in building a stronger civil society.

Key findings show:

The sector has an increased its role in the delivery of public services 24% of organisations reported this to be their main role in 2010, compared with 14% in 2008.

Improved relationships with local statutory bodies since 2008, with organisations feeling more valued and respected and a greater proportion reporting local statutory bodies have a positive influence on their success. However, organisations indicated they wished to be more involved in developing policy that affects them and more able to influence local decisions.

Greater levels of mutual support within the sector, and greater levels of satisfaction with this support however there are clear needs around support to find volunteers, apply for funding or bid for contracts and maintain sufficient financial reserves.

The importance of voluntary income to the sector, with nearly a third citing this as their most important income source. As in 2008, 37% of organisations reported receiving some form of statutory funding and 14% cite this as their most important income source.

Respondents feel positive for the next 12 months, with improved levels of resources since 2008. However those in receipt of statutory funding are less confident of success in the future.

Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society, said:

I would like to see this important resource lead to improved working relationships between the sector and statutory bodies. I have written to local authorities encouraging them to explore the results with their local sector, and encourage all audiences to use this tool to identify and drive positive change in local areas.

To view the full report and additional information please click here (opens in new window).

Source: Cabinet Office, 04/07/2011

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