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Newsletters > October 2011 > Welcome to the 4th PEOPLE Programme Newsletter
Since the last newsletter in May, the PEOPLE Programme held an International Conference and Study Visit with a focus on the SO6 theme of Civil Society Empowerment. This newsletter issue provides feedback from this event and takes a look at the SO6 theme and the activities and progress that have been made into Civil Society Empowerment through the PEOPLE Programme. We also have a spotlight article on the SO6 sub-project PEPA and a review of the SO6 good practice ‘The Andalusian Digital Commitment project’.

In addition, we review feedback from two UK policy experts who attended the recent Study Visit held in Timis, Romania, to look at the exchange of experience and examples of good practice identified at this event.

PEOPLE is an INTERREG IVC ( project co-funded by the ERDF (