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What is PEOPLE?

PEOPLE is a European mini-programme led by the Junta of Andalucia co-funded under the Interregional Cooperation programme INTERREG IVC.
This is a €4m programme involving seven European regions: Andalucia (Spain), South East England (UK), Venezia (Italy), Noord-Brabant (Netherlands), Malopolska (Poland), Stockholm (Sweden) and Timis (Romania). 
The aim of PEOPLE is to explore opportunities for new forms of employment and for improving well-being and cohesion in the context of demographic and societal changes. This way, PEOPLE will contribute to reinforce the cohesion and social welfare in the participating regions and find solutions to address some of the consequences of the economic downturn.
There are six themes open under PEOPLE:
  • Sub-objective 1 - Reconciliation of work and private life
  • Sub-objective 2 - E-health and Independence
  • Sub-objective 3 - Silver economy
  • Sub-objective 4 - Social and e-inclusion
  • Sub-objective 5 - Social entrepreneurship
  • Sub-objective 6 - Civil society empowerment
Call for Sub-projects:
The PEOPLE programme was launched on 17 June 2009 with a call for proposals inviting local and sub-regional stakeholders to participate with innovative ideas and solutions  to respond to the challenges brought about by changing demographics and different life-styles faced by most European regions. Seven sub-projects were approved for funding, covering the six themes under PEOPLE.

A sub-project, in order to eligible must be performed by a cluster of public entities from a minimum of three participating regions.

The close of the call and deadline for the submission of bids was
15 September 2009.

PEOPLE Sub-projects
Italy Sweden Spain Romania Poland England Netherlands